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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Managers earned a median salary of $121,220 in 2020 and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the number of jobs to grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030.

HR managers play a key role in the performance of every company, help determine the makeup of entire workforces, and have become critical to determining policies in a work-from-home movement. 

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Developed with the Fortune 500

During the creation of this curriculum, we consulted with HR professionals and hiring managers throughout the country to ensure that the learning outcomes of this major aligned with industry demand.

Median Salary of $120,000+

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers had a median salary of $110,140 in 2020 and the number of jobs is expected to grow by 22% this decade. 

Hybrid Learning Options

Some courses in this program are taken online & powered by Rize. The core curriculum will be taken on-campus, giving students the best of student life with the flexibility of some online learning. 


Program Details

Information on what you'll learn, how the degree is built, and the careers that are possible after graduation.

Why Human Resources Matters

HR managers have a tremendously valuable impact not just on the companies they work for, but on individual co-workers within the organization, and play an integral role in the modern economy.

As the role of an HR professional within the workforce changes, students will need to adapt their skill sets in order to land these lucrative and prestigious positions. The increasingly focused skill set desired by major employers is no longer served by general business degrees. In today’s economy, it is essential that aspiring HR professionals receive training and experience in coordinating the administrative functions of an organization, hiring and training employees, handling inter-company disputes, working with HR software, and other skills that will be important to their job on day one.

Our Human Resources Management major is intended to provide students with the relevant skills to address these areas and to succeed as the highest performers in this burgeoning field. Graduates from this program will be able to point to specific skills they have learned and developed in HR that will allow them to stand out amongst all applicants.

Faculty Contributors

Faculty Members of Tiffin University - All of the Human Resource Management courses offered through the LCMC were developed within the business department at Tiffin University. Founded in 1888, Tiffin has an incredibly strong track record of delivering quality education to students. Furthermore, Tiffin has vast experience in providing distance education and has invested in classroom technology, 24 hour IT services, and other key areas intended to lead to positive learning outcomes for off-campus students.

How does this degree align with the real world?

During the creation of this curriculum, we consulted with HR professionals and hiring managers throughout the country to ensure that the learning outcomes of this major aligned with industry demand. Though the majority of these conversations were held with large-scale Fortune 500 employers, where Human Resources is the most impactful, we also held discussions with smaller businesses to ensure that the skills learned in this major are universally applicable. Lastly, we consulted a group of recent college graduates in Human Resources to ensure that this curriculum covered important, on-the-job skill sets that were lacking in their own educations.

Career Outlook

Human Resources positions are among the hardest to fill within the workforce. Employers are desperate for students with the critical thinking of Liberal Arts graduates and focused HR skills.

  • HR Manager
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Training & Development Major

Curriculum Highlights

The HR Management program is a part of the business school and therefore includes the standard business core curriculum. 

  • Math Required: No additional math is required.
  • Hardest Class: Upper-level courses get progressively more challenging as you advance.

The Human Resource core includes:

  • Intro to Human Resource Management
  • Training & Development]
  • Total Compensation Management
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Human Resource Risk Management
  • Organizational Behavior

About the Partnership

For more information on the innovative partnership that allows us to offer this program, visit this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Human Resource Management.

No, but you may need one to get hired, and having a degree in Human Resources Management provides a massive advantage in earning potential and salary. People with a bachelor’s degree also have a 50% lower rate of unemployment, and on average they make an additional $630,000 to $900,000 over their lifetime, even more in high growth fields like this one.  

Studies show that HR Managers with college degrees make 25K more per year than managers without them across different levels of seniority. 

Yes! The only way to make sure our program gives you the skills you need to get hired and teaches you to work through real-world problems that actually matter is to partner with the people out there who are actually doing it. Our collaboration with Fortune 500 companies and subject matter experts means that their multi-billion-dollar expertise is reflected in everything you’ll study here. 

Human Resources Management is huge, and our graduates can use their coveted skills to secure many different kinds of high-growth employment. If you consider yourself a people person, you may want to work on the talent management side of things. If the idea of finding top talent and building an amazing team appeals to you, you may point towards being a recruiter. As a Human Resources Management grad, the high-paying possibilities available to you across industries are essentially endless. 

If you are interested in collaborating with other people, if you have a knack for creative problem solving, if you are looking for a degree that opens a ton of doors to different high-growth careers, if you want to have a job that never gets boring, and if you want to gain a skill set that makes you more and more valuable as your career progresses, you should consider this major.   

Flexibility. Optional Synchronous means our Human Resources Management courses can be attended together at one time with other students, or on your own schedule. Many students prefer the learning that comes with live interactions, while other students love the flexibility of doing them whenever they fit into their schedule. 

This major is part of an exclusive partnership between Adrian College and Rize Education, which means you’ll be learning with students from your campus, as well as students from a selective consortium of schools across the country. The goal is to help you begin building a national network of people in your industry before you’ve even graduated.