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Innovative Programs for Better Careers

These innovative programs use real-world, practical knowledge to prepare you for a career after graduation, and each of these programs aligns with growing industries with above-average starting salaries. 

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Degrees Built With Industry Leaders

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Actuarial Science

A degree in actuarial science is perfect for quantitative students interested in a high-earning and data-driven career.

Certified Financial Planning

This is a certificate program for students interested in sitting for the Certified Financial Planners exam after graduation.

Computer Science

Learn how to build programs, apps, and the tools that power nearly every company today. Offered as a Major and a Minor.


Learn how to protect companies from hackers, ransomware, viruses, and sabotage in this business-heavy, coding-light program.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing program is a 23-hour, high-impact certificate that adds practical skills to your resume and portfolio.

Esports & Gaming Admin

This business degree gives students the nuance and details they need to enter the rapidly growing Esports & Gaming industries.

HR Management

Care about people and business? This high-paying career has seen explosive demand as companies compete for talent.

Professional Sales

Relevant, project-based degree that helps students master the modern, technology-driven sales process. 

Project Management

Learn how to protect companies from hackers, ransomware, viruses, and sabotage in this business-heavy, coding-light program.

Public Health

This high-impact career will help steer policy to improve the lives of millions. It's perfect for those who want to make a difference in their communities. 

Supply Chain Management

In a connected world, Supply Chain Management is critical to moving goods and services around the globe.

Web Design

In this program, you'll learn the design, coding, and leading tools marketers and designers use in the real world. 

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Esports & Gaming Administration

Think it's just a game? This industry is projected to surpass $200 billion this year. 

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Computer Science

Computer Science graduates have one of the highest average salaries in the country.

Featured Program

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain experts make nearly everything in our modern world possible, connecting the dots in a global puzzle.


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